My Topfield TF7100HDPVRt has stopped updating from IceTV

If your Topfield TF7100HDPVRt has stopped updating from IceTV there are few things that you need to check.

Check your IceTV account status

First check that your IceTV account is still active on the website under My Account > Account Details.

Check the devices in your account

Then check that there is still a Topfield 7100 device setup in your account on the website under My Account > My Recorders.

Check that the Topfield has a network connection

  1. Go to "Menu > Installation > Network Setting".
  2. Highlight your network profile (do NOT press OK).
  3. Press the RED button to Activate your profile.
  4. If your Profile does not have a Tick next to it press the RED button again.
  5. Wait for it to say that the network is connected.

Test the Topfield has Internet access

  1. While still in "Menu > Installation > Network Setting",
  2. Press the SAT button.
  3. Enter and save.
  4. Press OK to test the connection (which will try to ping

If the above test failed, please download the TF7100 Network Connection setup guide here. and follow the steps included to setup the network connection. Note: The how to guide lists steps for both wireless and wired connections: You only need to follow the steps for your Topfield's network connection type.

Check the Topfield's IceTV settings

Once you are sure that the network connection is working, do the following:

  1. Go to "Menu > System Settings > EPG Settings".
  2. Change the 'EPG Type' to AIR.
  3. Exit the menu.
  4. Go back to "Menu > System Settings > EPG Settings".
  5. Change the 'EPG Type' to IceTV.
  6. Check that the ID and Password show your IceTV member ID and Password.
    • If the the ID or Password are blank or incorrect then edit them and save the changes.
  7. Now use the Red, or F1, button to check the connection to IceTV.
    • If everything is set correctly this will silently trigger an EPG download - you won't know if it worked until you view the EPG.
  8. Lastly, make sure that the 'Device Type' is set to your IceTV device.
    • If the Device Type shows 'none' then press the Green button to 'Update Device List', then select the correct device if you have more than one.
  9. If you now open the EPG you should either see the program guide information or a message on the TV screen saying that the Topfield is processing or loading the program guide information.

If none of the above helps then please contact our Customer Support team. 


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