How to Record Only Repeat Episodes

Warning!  Do NOT create Keyword Recordings with a blank title or description. If you do your recorder will record EVERY Repeat Program.  i.e. 100s of shows will try to record every week. Deleting the keyword won't delete the schedules so you will need to manually delete each schedule yourself.


Sometimes you may need or want to setup a series recording to only record the repeat episodes. Setting a series to 'Repeat Only' is possible, but only for keyword recordings.

To do this you can either manually edit an existing keyword recording and add the following:  


Or you can setup a new keyword recording from the Advanced Search link on the TV Guide page on the IceTV website.

The Advanced Search page includes the following Repeat choices: 
  • Repeats and new shows 
  • Only repeat shows 
  • Only new shows
Selecting 'Only repeat shows' adds repeat:yes to the keyword phrase. You can manually add repeat:yes to any existing keyword recordings that you have already created. 
Note: Setting Preferences (Keyword Recordings) to repeat:yes will only work if the regular 'Record' option for that keyword recording is set to 'First runs and repeats'. You access the record option by editing the keyword recording from Manage Shows the same as you update or edit any normal series recordings. If you have 'Record' set to 'First runs only' it will overrule the 'Only repeat shows' setting. 
Finally, if you also have a regular series recording setup for the same show you should delete it or it will override the keyword recording.
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