Why does TV Guide jump down the page when I open the website?

If you open the IceTV TV Guide via a bookmark, favourite or shortcut you may find that the TV Guide scrolls or jumps to the bottom or middle of the page. This happens if the bookmark, favourite or shortcut includes extra information at the end of the URL.

If the properties of your bookmark, favourite or shortcut are set to scroll to a particular line then the TV Guide will always open to that line when you open the TV Guide via your bookmark, favourite or shortcut.

For example, this link will jump to the bottom of the TV Guide: https://tv-guide.icetv.com.au/?scroll_pos=4104

And this link will jump to near the middle of the TV Guide: https://tv-guide.icetv.com.au/?scroll_pos=1500

The solution is to edit the bookmark so that there is nothing after the .com.au/ https://tv-guide.icetv.com.au/


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