I have errors showing under My Week on the IceTV website?

If you see an error (indicated by a yellow triangle) on the IceTV My Week page against a recording, it means we have tried to schedule that recording with your recorder, but it has not been able to schedule that program so returned an error. Here's how to work out why it failed, and fix it.

Errors should rarely happen, so if you find you get a lot of errors that keep happening, please contact IceTV support.

Lots of errors in the My Week page

Here are the most common causes where you see most of the programs in My Week show as errors:

1. You clicked on 'resend recordings'.

If you have clicked the 'resend recordings' button from our website without first clearing the list of recordings already on the device, it will give us errors because we've tried to schedule a program that's already set to record.

To make sure all your programs will record, check the "My Week" page on our website against your device's upcoming recordings list (usually called Reservations or Timer List). If they match (even the ones with an error on our website), then the programs have been correctly scheduled and the errors will disappear within a week.

2. Your Recorder can't schedule to a specific channel

If only the programs for one channel have errors, but other channels have scheduled recordings correctly, then it indicates your device is not able to link a recording on our website to a guide on your box. Please check the guide on your device to make sure all channels have guide information. Find the appropriate article for your device below to fix it:


Then perform the 'reschedule' operation below on your programs to resend them to your device.

3. Your device has no guide data

Without guide data, your device can't schedule remote recordings. Check the guide page on the device. If you don't see guide data, please contact us as there can be a number of causes of guide data missing.

Only One Or Two Programs Have Errors

There are a few causes if only a few programs have errors in the My Week Page

1. There are not enough tuners on your device

Most devices only come with a limited number of tuners, so can only record a limited number of programs at once. Most devices can only record two separate programs at once, so if you try to record a third program at the same time, the third program will show an error. You can see this kind of errors by looking at the My Week page on our website and checking the time. If you have three programs starting at the same time, or overlapping, that will be the cause.

If you'd like to record the program that gave an error, you can cancel one of the other recordings, then click on 'reschedule recording' on the program that gave an error to record that instead.

2. The program is already set to record on the device

If you've set the program to record directly on the device, it will show as an error when we try to schedule it from our server. Check the recording schedules list on your device, and if you see it listed there, you can ignore the error on our website. We've just tried to schedule it when the program is already scheduled.

3. Too Many Timers

Some devices (like the Strong) can only schedule 32 recordings at once. If you try to schedule more programs than that at once, it will give an error for the remaining programs.

4. Guide Data Error / Other Problem

Sometimes your device requests remote recording updates before it requests a guide update from us, and if the guide has changed recently, we might try to schedule a program that isn't yet listed on your device. To see if this is the case, reschedule the recording using the instructions below. If you see an error again afterwards, contact IceTV support.

Rescheduling Recordings

Some transient errors can be fixed by rescheduling the recording. You can reschedule a recording by clicking on the program's line in the My Week page, then clicking on the "Reschedule Recording" button. The error will disappear when you refresh the page and we'll ask your device to record that program again.

Please leave your device on for an hour after clicking Reschedule and check the My Week page again after the hour. If the error re-appears, it is not a transient thing and is likely caused by one of the other above causes. If none of those match your problem, please contact IceTV support.

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