IceTV website RSS feeds

We have a few RSS feeds available from the IceTV Smart Recording pages. Web browsers that support RSS feeds will show the RSS icon in orange on the toolbar when viewing a webpage that has an RSS feed available. Clicking on the RSS button while it is orange will open the RSS feed for that web page, and from there you can Subscribe to the feed. You can also copy the URL from the web browser's address bar and paste that URL into your favourite RSS reader application.

We recommend Firefox, Safari, the latest Opera, Internet Explorer 11 or any RSS reader application.
Google Chrome doesn't support RSS feeds without installing an Extension, and Microsoft Edge doesn't support RSS feeds. 

My Upcoming Shows RSS feed

This RSS feed contains all of your recording schedules listed in My Week including favourites, single recordings, series recordings and keyword recordings. Go to either TV Guide, My WeekMy SeriesMost Popular or Coming Soon then click on the RSS icon in your web browser. 


TV Guide RSS feed

There is also a feed for today's TV Guide which uses the following URL.<your-uuid>

You will need to replace the <your-uuid> with the uuid from your My Upcoming Shows URL

Your uuid from your My Upcoming Shows RSS Feed URL is the string of characters at the end of the URL after the uuid= like the example shown in red here:


Movie RSS feed

You can add an RSS feed URL to your RSS reader to list shows that match whatever search word you want. You could setup an RSS feed for Movie using the following URL.<your-uuid>&search_type=series_name&keywords=Movie

You will need to replace the <your-uuid> with the uuid from your My Upcoming Shows URL


Help, my RSS Feed stopped working in 2016

With the recent website update in 2016 the first part of the RSS link has changed from to

So you will need to edit the existing URL in your RSS reader software to the new address. 

The current My Week RSS link is now:<your-uuid>


The RSS feeds are only available to paying IceTV subscribers                     

The IceTV News feed was discontinued in 2015                  


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