What do the red, orange, grey, green and yellow icons mean?

Throughout this site we use icons next to program names to let you know why they might be important to you. All scheduled recordings and favourites will appear in My Upcoming Shows with all your other recordings, so you know when new episodes are being aired. That way you can decide to record or watch the episodes.

remote_rec.png Single Recording - A show scheduled to record on your TV Recorder at home.
remote_rec_recing.png Single Recording (on now) - A show that's being recorded on your TV recorder at home.
remote_rec_queue.png Queued Single Recording - A show that's waiting to be scheduled on your TV Recorder.
remote_recseries.png Series Recording - A show that's part of an entire series scheduled to record.
remote_recseries_recing.png Series Recording (on now) - A show that's part of a series being recorded.
remote_recseries_queue.png Queued Series Recording - A show that's part of a series waiting to be scheduled.
remote_recseries_cancel.png You have a series recording setup, but this episode doesn't match your settings and won't be recorded.
remote_keywordrec.png Keyword Recording - A show (or series) scheduled to record that matches your keywords.
remote_keywordfavourite.png Keyword Favourite - A show (or series) that matches your keywords.
remote_favourite.png Favourite - A show (or series) that you have selected as a favourite.
remote_new.png New Show - A list of shows coming soon to TV (days, weeks... even a month in advance).
remote_error.png Error - An alert for when an error has occurred when trying to schedule a recording.

Throughout this site we also use different coloured program names to let you know extra information. 

Orange Title - A program with an orange title is on right now.
Blue Text after the Title - Any blue text after a program's title is the sub-title, or episode name.

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