Reloading or resetting the IceTV Widget's preferences - DISCONTINUED

Note: As of 1st Jan 2013 IceTV ceased updating and supporting the desktop widgets. These archived knowledgebase articles are retained for customers still using these unsupported widgets.


Most problems can be resolved by either reloading a widget, or by resetting the widget's preferences. Resetting the preferences will mean you'll lose any settings, but usually it only takes a few seconds to reinput them. Please make a note of settings before deleting preferences. The procedure is different for different types of widgets.

Reloading the widget

Windows (Yahoo! Widget Engine):

  • Right click on the widget's main window and choose "Close widget".
  • Once the widget has been closed, double click its icon on your desktop to reopen it.

Mac OS X (Dashboard):

  • Open Dashboard, click on the widget to ensure it's selected, then press Apple-R.
  • You should see an animation that indicates the widget has been reloaded.

Resetting the widget's preferences

Windows (Yahoo! Widget Engine):

Mac OS X (Dashboard):

  • Open Dashboard so that the widget can be seen.
  • Press the big + symbol on the bottom left of the dashboard. This will open the Dashboard tray and make the widgets close buttons visible (the white X on the top left of each widget).
  • Close the IceTV Widget by clicking it's close button.
  • Hide Dashboard.
  • Delete the preference file called "widget-com.icetv.remote.plist" in "/Users/{Your Username}/Library/Preferences".
  • Open Dashboard.
  • Press the big + symbol to open the Dashboard tray.
  • Click on the IceTV Widget icon in the Dashboard tray to start a new instance of the widget (you may need to click on the < and > arrows to find it if you have a lot of widgets installed).
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