I have retuned my Beyonwiz DP-xx but I still don’t have the new HD channels working

If the new HD channels were not found during a channel search or were found but display with no picture (audio only) it means your Beyonwiz model is not HD MPEG-4 compatible. You won't miss any TV shows as the new HD channels are copies (simulcasts) of the SD channels with the same name.

For DP-P2 and DP-Lite models

If your Beyonwiz is a DP-P2 or DP-Lite model you just need to update its firmware to the 1.07.351 version to add HD MPEG-4 compatibility. See the "Discontinued Products" section on the Beyonwiz website's Downloads page here: https://beyonwiz.com.au/downloads/

For DP-H1, DP-P1 and DP-S1 models

If your Beyonwiz is the DP-H1, DP-P1 or DP-S1 model you must disable the affected channels in your IceTV account in "My Account > Guide Settings" to prevent IceTV trying to set your recordings on channels your Beyonwiz does not have. 


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