How to Connect or Reconnect the Humax 2tune to your WiFi Network

If you need to connect or reconnect your Humax 2tune (HDR-3000T) to your WiFi network please follow the steps below.

  1. Press Home.
  2. Press the Up arrow to make the Settings button appear.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Scroll down to Network Settings and press OK.
  5. Scroll down to Configure WLAN and press OK. If WLAN is greyed out please check that your Humax's WiFi dongle is plugged into the USB port.
  6. Scroll down to your *network name and press OK. 
  7. Click OK on the Password box to see the onscreen keyboard.
  8. Use the onscreen keyboard to enter your WiFi password. Use the [a-A] key to switch between capitals and lowercase as needed.
  9. Select the [OK] key at the top-right of the onscreen keyboard to save the password when you have finished entering it.
  10. Select the OK button and press OK on the remote.
  11. The Humax will now try to connect to your WiFi network.

* If your network name is not shown exit the menu, wait 2 minutes then try again. 


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