Why can I only see the last recording in each folder on my Humax

The Humax HDR-3000T 2tune can list your recordings grouped by either Programme (name) or the Channel or Day Of Week that the shows were recorded on. The Humax 2tune assumes you want to play the latest recording so it goes to the last recording in that folder or group.

So when playing recordings that are grouped together in these virtual folders it can appear as if there is only the last recording available to play (or delete) if you don't know how to display that folder or groups full list of recordings.

To see all your recordings in the current folder or group:

  1. Press Menu then select Recordings and press OK and press OK on Programme (or Channel or Day Of Week).
  2. Highlight the programme's 'folder' and press OK then ignore the "Play, Delete" options.
  3. Press the < button to move to the left sidebar. The blue highlighting will move left to the selected recordings date (or series and episode number).
  4. Press the CH Up button and all of that programme's recordings dates (or series and episode numbers) will appear on the left sidebar sorted in order.
  5. You can now scroll up to the first recording at the top of the sidebar and press OK to play it.

So that is: Press OK on the recordings folder, press <, press CH Up


These are the Humax PVR's menu navigation buttons for moving around the user interface.

  • The < and > buttons are the Humax PVR's way of moving left and right between menus, and opening hidden side menus.
  • The CH Up and CH Down buttons are the Humax PVR's way of scrolling up or down to the top or bottom of the menu.
  • Instead of using the CH Up button to scroll up 1 page you can use the ^ up arrow button to scroll up 1 recording at a time, or the down arrow to scroll down 1 recording.

Auto Play the Following Recording(s)

If you have 'Series Play' set to 'On' then all of the recordings in the folder will play one after the other in the correct order - starting at the recording you had selected when you clicked OK on Play.

If you want to change the 'Series Play' setting press Home, then ^, then OK, then select 'PVR Settings' and then 'Playback Options'.


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