Why is my Topfield's guide blank for channel numbers above 350

The Topfield can't map our Ice guide to channel numbers of 350 or higher. Luckily the 350 and higher numbered channels are only duplicate channels picked up from a second TV transmitter. When you scan for channels on a Topfield it tries to save any weaker duplicate channels on channel numbers 350, 351, 352 etc. or 1001, 1002, 1003 etc. The stronger duplicate channels should then be saved on their correct channel numbers (between 1 and 99). 
If the channels numbered 350 and higher are weaker than their corresponding duplicates (which would be on their correct channel numbers) then you only need to delete the channels with numbers 350 and higher. To delete channels press OK while viewing the channel then press the White Option button and select Delete.
But sometimes the Topfield gets it wrong and the stronger channels end up on the 350 and higher channel numbers. Fortunately there's a fix, as follows:
1. While viewing any channel, press OK to open the service list.
2. Press the Red F1 button to ensure you can see all the channels.
3. For any of the low channel numbers (1 to 99) that have a weak signal:
     - Find and highlight the duplicate channel with the same name and a channel number of 350 or higher.
     - Look at the bottom of the window and write down the DVBt Ch number for that 350+ channel.
     - Press the White Option button, select Delete and press OK, then answer Yes to delete the channel.
4. Repeat step 3 for all low numbered channels that have a weak signal.
5. Check the list of DVBt Ch numbers that you wrote down and cross off any repeated numbers. You should only have up to 6 different DVBt Ch numbers (unless you get regional and city channels).
6. Now delete all the low numbered channels that have a weak signal (highlight the channel, press the white option button, select Delete and press OK, then answer yes).
7. Also delete any remaining channels with numbers of 350 or higher.
8. Press Exit to close the service list.
9. Go to "Menu > Installation > Searching (or Service Search)" and press OK.
10. Change "Search Mode" to "Manual".
     - Set "Channel" to one of the DVBt Ch numbers that you have from step 5.
     - Scroll down to "Start Search" and press OK.
     - When you see the "Search Complete" message press OK to return to the Search menu.
11. Repeat step 10 for each different DVBt Ch number you have from step 5.

Each channel that is found during the search will show up on its correct channel number now and will automatically link to the IceTV guide data.
Please contact support if the above steps do not work for you or if you need help
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