My Humax keeps asking me to login to IceTV

If your Humax keeps asking me to login to IceTV every time you open the program guide your Humax most likely has a network connection or Internet connection issue. Or your IceTV subscription might have expired.

You do NOT need to re-enter your IceTV User ID and/or Password. Just confirming what is already entered will be enough.

  • If whatever network or subscription issue has been resolved confirming your existing IceTV login details will get IceTV working again. 
  • If the network or Internet issue still exists confirming your login details will fail but you you need to resolve the network issue - not change or re-enter your IceTV login details.

Checking Your Subscription Status

You can check the status of your IceTV subscription by logging into your account on the IceTV website and going to My Account > Account Details then noting the expiry date below the Account Details heading.

Checking the Humax PVR's Internet Access

If your IceTV subscription is active you should check if the Humax can open its TV Portal (My Apps) and if it can then check if it can play a YouTube video without any stuttering issues.

Fixing a Network or Internet Issue

If your IceTV subscription is active see the troubleshooting page here.


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