How do I resend all recordings

You should never use the Resend All Recordings button in your account on the IceTV website unless:

  • You have been asked to do so by IceTV Support,
  • Or you have done a factory reset on your recorder and are setting it up from scratch.

In other circumstances Resending All Recordings WILL result in LOTS of false 'timer conflict' errors and other scheduling issues for the next week.

If you have NOT been asked by IceTV support to resend all recordings or you are NOT setting up your recorder from scratch again you should follow the other steps for your recorder model here.


Now that you are sure you that should be following these steps you are ready to tell our server to reset all your schedules to queued so that your recorder can download them

  1. Login to the IceTV website go to My Account and then the My Recorders
  2. Click on the Settings button that is on the same row as your recording device name.
  3. Click on the 'Resend all recordings for this device" button.
  4. Now turn your recorder on and leave it on until the schedules have arrived.

You should see your schedules in your recorder's schedule list within 40 minutes. If the schedules have not arrived in your recorder's schedule list after 2 hours please turn your record off and back on.

If no schedules have arrived on your recorder after 3 hours please contact IceTV support.


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