I have unexplained timer conflicts

We have seen this on Beyonwiz T and U series PVR's where the error message you get from the Beyonwiz lists shows that are conflicting that are on at a different time (and sometimes even different day) from the timer that has failed.

We have seen this in the past when a tuner has 'disappeared' from the Beyonwiz while it is running. This commonly occurs when you are using the USB tuner and is currently not showing up on the PVR. You can check how many tuners the Beyonwiz can currently see by going into the main menu then into "Information" and then "Devices".

If it is just the USB tuner that is not showing up, you can try just rebooting the Beyonwiz to re-initialize the USB tuner, and then rescheduling the failed timer.

If it fails again you will need to check the tuners within the Beyonwiz to ensure they are all working correctly.

To test whether tuners are actually running properly, it's a bit tedious. You need a time when no recordings are running or expected to start during the time it takes for the test. Then:

  1. Check the current tuner in use. OK from live TV, and if no recordings are running, a single tuner should be indicated as a green letter A-D just to the left of the infobar panel that shows signal strength/quality. The signal panel is at the far right-hand end end of the infobar and has two coloured bar indicators, each with a percentage on the right-hand end of the bar. The tuner here will usually be tuner A, but it won't necessarily be tuner A. If the infobar is removed too quickly, press OK again while the infobar is showing and show the detailed second infobar. This will lock the infobar display. Press OK a third time, or press EXIT to remove the second infobar display.
  2. If the tuner indicated in step 1 is working, note it as OK, otherwise as having a problem.
  3. In MENU>Setup>Tuners>Tuner allocation>Preferred tuner, use LEFT/RIGHT to change to a tuner that hasn't been checked so far, and then GREEN Save to set the preferred tuner. EXIT back to live TV.
  4. Change the channel to a channel from a different broadcaster from the one currently showing on live TV. This forces tuner allocation to happen and to select the new preferred tuner. The should infobar will now show the new tuner. Note whether it's working properly.
  5. If all tuners haven't been checked yet, go back to step 3. Otherwise, go back to step 3, but simply change the preferred tuner back to Tuner A, and then you're done.


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