Matching IceTV Guide Settings to your PVR

Matching IceTV "Guide Setting" channels to your chosen PVR's scanned channels

NOT the other way around...

To set up any PVR with IceTV it is important to firstly scan the channels on the PVR, view them in the PVR's channel list (NOT the EPG), and delete any you don't want. Then replicate those PVR channels in your IceTV "Guide Settings" section under "My Account" on our website, disabling the unused ones. Then your actual working PVR channels will match those in IceTV, otherwise you risk IceTV attempting to record a show on a channel that doesn't exist on the PVR. NOTE: IceTV does not support any racing, shopping or radio channels so you will not get an EPG for those channels should you decide to keep them. Alternatively delete them from the PVR.

The above procedure is especially relevant to regional areas where, due to transmission overlaps, IceTV has to list capital city Networks and their channels as well as the regional broadcasters.

For regional customers it is also important to follow the matching procedure if any new channels are enabled by IceTV to ensure your IceTV Guide Settings "new channels" are correct for your region as they will appear for all regions. They need to be disabled if they don't match the existing IceTV broadcasters for your specific region. An example would be Prime7 Southern and Prime7 Northern. If a new Prime 7 channel is enabled the IceTV Guide Settings will list both as we can't tell which one you receive. Disable the new Northern or Southern to match your existing Prime Northern or Southern one. If this isn't done the Prime7 recordings will fail as the PVR may receive the wrong region.

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