How do I update the Firmware on my Beyonwiz T series via USB

Sometimes you may need to load firmware onto your Beyonwiz T series via a USB stick, if something is corrupted and updating via the menu is not working or the Beyonwiz won't turn on.


Backup your Settings:

Upgrading via USB will reset the Beyonwiz so (if you can) you should backup your settings first. After upgrading via USB the Beyonwiz will ask you if you want to restore your backed up settings, just answer yes. 

  1. Turn on your TV and turn on the Beyonwiz.
  2. Make sure that your TV is on the correct HDMI input for the Beyonwiz. 
  3. Press Menu on the Beyonwiz remote control.
  4. Scroll right to Setup and press OK.
  5. Scroll down to "Software Manager" and press OK.
  6. Press OK on "Backup Settings".


Download the latest firmware for your model:

The latest T4 firmware can be found in the Announcements section of the Beyonwiz T4 forum here:

The latest T3 firmware can be found in the Announcements section of the Beyonwiz T3 forum here:


How to upgrade the firmware via USB: 

Follow the steps in the Beyonwiz "How to Upgrade the Firmware via USB" document here:


If you have any problems or question please contact Beyonwiz Support. 

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