How to do a factory reset on your Humax 2tune (HDR-3000T)

The steps below are for when you need to reset your Humax 2tune to its default settings to resolve an issue. You will also be guided through the steps on setting up your Humax 2tune again including enabling IceTV.

In the Factory Default menu you have 4 choices:

  • Reset TV Apps : This will delete all changes you have made to the TV Apps including favourite apps and login details.
  • Reset User Settings : This will delete the channels and schedules, and reset any changed settings back to their defaults. It will NOT delete your series recordings setup in your IceTV account.
  • Reset All Settings : This is the same as doing both Reset TV Apps and Reset User Settings.
  • Reset All Settings & Format HDD : This is the same as Reset All Settings but will also delete all recordings off the hard drive. This option may be needed if some settings or recordings on the hard drive are corrupted and causing serious problems.

Normally the choice you would want to select is Reset User Settings. If you have been asked by customer support to select Reset All Settings & Format HDD or you are experiencing issues playing or deleting recordings and suspect hard drive corruption then you should select Reset All Settings & Format HDD (after watching or backing up any important recordings, if possible).

How to reset the 2tune and setup it up with IceTV again

  1. To ensure none of the following menus are greyed out make sure you stop any recordings, playback or timeshifting and exit any apps, catch-up TV and Netflix etc. If you have any recordings that are due to start soon you might have to wait to do these steps after the recording has finished.
  2. Press "Home" on the remote.
  3. Press the up arrow and press OK to select settings.
  4. Select "System Settings".
  5. Select "Factory Default". If you can't select "Factory Default", you might be recording or playing a video. Wait until the recording or playback ends, or stop it, and then restart these steps.
  6. Select Reset User Settings (or Reset All Settings & Format HDD - see above notes) and press OK.
  7. Enter 0 0 0 0 when asked for the Password.
  8. The Humax will now perform the reset and restart itself.
  9. When you see the Humax setup wizard follow the steps for an existing IceTV user here.
  10. After finishing the setup wizard you should enable Timer Padding and Catch-Up TV.
  11. Now Resend the Humax's recordings from the Settings button at My Account > My Recorders in your IceTV account.
You should now see the IceTV guide data when you press the GUIDE button, and within 15 minutes you should also see your recording schedules for the next week in HOME > RECORDINGS > SCHEDULE.
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