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You can also submit a request or send us an email at support@icetv.com.au.
If you would prefer to speak with us, please call us on 1300 654 803 or Sydney 02 8424 7555
When leaving voicemail please leave your name (or IceTV username if already a member)
and number and we'll call you back as soon as possible.
Customer Service Hours: 12 pm - 8 pm Tue to Fri and 12 pm - 6 pm Saturdays
Public Holidays closed.


IceTV Customer Support

Daniel Hall July 28, 2011 IceTV enabled PVRs and Software / Humax HDR-7500T and HDR-7510T

Dave December 21, 2015 IceTV Applications / General IceTV Information

Dave December 21, 2015 Sales / Products

Dave June 18, 2015 IceTV enabled PVRs and Software / SKIPPA

Dave June 16, 2015 IceTV enabled PVRs and Software / Product Manuals


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